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It’s a new year! I wanted to take this opportunity to share my experience with Goal setting and how it has been a tremendous help to me over the past years. Through various conversations, I’ve found that few people actually take the time to set goals. They are always complaining or wishing they could have a certain thing or live a certain way, but they lack the courage, planning and diligence to get there. I hope this will give some direction to those who are done whining about what they don’t have and are ready to live the life they desire.

Goal setting over the past two years of full-time work has helped me make a huge leap in my self-esteem, personal accountability and courage to follow my dreams. By setting the intention, and laying out a plan, you are already a step closer to where you want to be. My template for Goal Setting is thanks to my ex-boss who has helped me with so much more than just setting goals. Here is a how I start (I will be using examples from my 2017 Plan):


A) Choose 3 BIG GOALS or focuses for the year


1. Professional Goal: Hitting a target % month in participation numbers as Events Manager 

2. Physical Goal: Completing the Rundle’s Revenge race (Half Iron Donkey - 50K MTB, 25K Run)

3. Personal Goal: Preparing for my next few years of travel


B) Break down each goal so you have a plan to follow. Set time-lines and make it tangible, achievable and SPECIFIC.


 1. Laying out 2017 Events calendar by Jan 1, delegating events coordinator contacting different coordinators (dates), organising info sessions and promotion tactics (dates)

2.  Create a 6-month (Jan-June) training program by Jan 1, make physiotherapy appointments, bike maintenance dates, set weekly training sessions with other team members for accountability, buy plane tickets by April

3. Apply for working visas, change addresses, buy plane tickets, packing list, medical/travel insurance, research flying my bike, budgeting


C) Now look at every aspect of your life and make micro/daily goals to focus on in order to achieve the three BIG goals. This process makes certain situations very easy to say “yes” or “no” to, because you know what will help or impede your progress toward your goals.


Professional: Events participation %, 35 hours/week, connecting with members outside the gym, weekly staff meetings

Spiritual: Daily reading or journaling, conscious breathing before sleep, yoga meditation sessions 2X/week

Physical: Following training program, release and stretch sessions 3X/week, physiotherapy 1X/month, 7 hours of sleep per night (10pm-5am), drink 2-4L of water per day, eat well-rounded vegetarian meals - organic as much as possible

Social: Visit family at least 1X/month, spend time with 1 close friend/week

Financial: 35 hours/week, deposit monthly into savings account, use credit card for flight points, be conscious about purchases, travel budget

Intellectual: Research job/internship pre-requisites, complete Wilderness first aid course, review anatomy 2X/month


D) Creating a Mission Statement and a 3, 5 and 10-year plan is something I strongly recommend as well. Constantly come back to this plan, remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, and change it if it’s not moving you closer to those goals. It’s okay if your goals change too, if you no longer feel passionate for the goals you set before, think about why and what’s changed and shift your micro goals or your year plan towards your new long term goals! Change is part of life, embrace it and honour the challenge of it, because you’re human, and this is your life.

Example: Mission Statement: To increase the average monthly percentage at Innovative Fitness by creating a fool-proof events protocol while maintaining a solid basis of saving money for traveling in 2018

Personally, goal setting has been harder for me to focus on since traveling and not having anything solid or concrete. I honestly don’t know where I’ll be next month, or next year. I don’t know what job I’ll have, I don’t know the lifestyle I’ll be living, so for my 2018 goals, I'm focusing on qualities and feelings of the situations I want to be in. I am still staying specific and keeping it as tangible and as measurable as possible, but it is different than my previous plans.


Skye Irwin’s 2018 Plan

Mission Statement: To consistently share my adventures on social media via blogging and youtube and use that as a platform for my employment/internship that aligns with my goals and values, all the while challenging myself physically, staying safe, secure and open to new experiences on my solo travels. 

3 Big Goals:

1. Personal: Use Social Media as a consistent means of sharing my experiences, thoughts, opinions, and lifestyle advice with family, friends and people who are interested (possibly getting sponsored)

            - Blog post 1X/week

            - YouTube video 2X/month

- Set reminders in my phone every week (every Thursday)

- Set aside at least 2 hours/week to write and edit (use phone calendar to organize)

- Make time (2 hours/week) to read other blogs to gain ideas and writing tactics from others


2. Professional: Become sponsored (internship) & work for a business or company in NZ that includes the following qualities:

            - Guiding (Mtb, hiking, climbing, skiing) - pay for my certification if required

            - Outdoor education - promoting environmental awareness and protection

            - Physical (healthy for body - perfect amount of physical exertion)

            - Interacting with people and animals (creating new experiences, connection,            raising consciousness, improving quality of life, awareness of nature)

            - Individual combined with Team work

- Reach out to contacts, grow my network

- Research guiding opportunities in NZ, including reaching out to potential contacts (have done 5 hours of research/applications by January 15th)

3. Physical: Bike the length of NZ (1 month - Oct 2018)

- Put aside $ for bike and gear and purchase by July/August 2018

- Use guiding job as training

- Make a 6-month plan - May-Oct - strength training, release and mobility, weekend rides

- Create route by September 2018 with support plans, camping spots, km/day


Micro/Daily plans:

Professional: Allow the process of this amazing job to come to me, be willing to get out of my comfort zone to allow for more growth, accept the challenges with a smile and giggle, put myself out there - talk

Personal: Hold myself accountable to social media posts by doing a reality check each week (reminder on phone), know that it’s okay to take a week off, set aside that time for me each week where I can veg - read/journal before bed

Spiritual: Breathing meditation before sleeping, 10 conscious breathes every day, 1-hour yoga and meditation session per week, practice gratitude every day

Physical: Follow training program for the month bike ride, listen to body and take a break when not feeling right, be diligent with recovery mobility and release work

Social: Email family 2X/month, call parents 1X/week, reach out to friends 3X/month

Financial: Check accounts every week, track working hours, conscious purchases, set aside enough money for flights, bike repairs and purchasing the touring bike/gear


Get out of your own way. Make waves. Live your life exactly how YOU want. Be humble, kind, honest, diligent, grateful. YOU have the POWER. Let 2018 be the best year of your life. 

Inca Trail, Peru - Aug 2017

Inca Trail, Peru - Aug 2017

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