The Trouble with Blogging

  During the first 6 months of my solo travels around Peru and New Zealand, I had been fairly consistent with writing weekly/biweekly blogs. I eagerly started this website and began sharing my experiences and thoughts online. I didn’t know what I was doing, and, honestly, I still don’t. My blogs have hit a big roadblock since May, even though my writing has not. I took a big break from actually posting my writing because I had to reevaluate my reason for blogging, as well as work out the hesitation I was feeling about posting certain pieces.


Many people say they enjoy vicariously living through my stories and experiences. Although I am touched that they take interest in my doings, I also hope that my writing can be educational, inspiring and open up possibilities for people. It saddens me that most people never live out their dreams. Either from fear of failure, feelings of irresponsibility, letting people down, or whatever the case, they stay in the rat race, or the herd of sheep because it is safe and comfortable. But no growth comes from that. I hope to motivate readers to follow their dreams and do crazy things they never thought possible.


While playing around with this website, I found that there are some things that I initially overlooked. At the start of the year, I made a goal to post a new blog every week. I’ve since let that goal slip, for various reasons I’m about to discuss. There’s been many times where I can’t help but let my fingers fly across the keyboard, but once I have it all out of my brain, I save it to my Desktop and don’t touch it again. I have about 10 unpublished blogs saved on my laptop that I am slowly picking my way through.


Here are the troubles I’ve encountered with blogging and why I hesitate to post some of them:


I do not wish to disrespect anyone. The observations I write about are built up from MY experiences and do not devalue the experiences or opinions of anyone else. I have the utmost respect and love for everyone, but that does not mean my mind cannot notice and appreciate the differences between lifestyle choices and beliefs. Sometimes I worry that my choice of description and words might offend some people. I recognize that my writing will not agree with everyone, and that I cannot control other’s reactions. I becoming more and more okay with that, but still continue to be aware of choosing my words carefully.


Privacy. My writing is riddled with stories I gather from interactions with people. The more people we meet, the more it shapes us and broadens our perspective if we let it. I find it hard to share certain experiences without letting too much information slip through. Again, it’s work in progress but I am aware of it. I’ve held a few posts back to keep people’s privacy, private, until I figure out a better way of telling the story.


I am an amateur at website design. My website has been a bit messy recently. I’ve decided to switch the template I’ve been using, and make a few other changes. I am learning by doing since I have limited experience dealing with digital design. Most times when I try to change something, I get frustrated and bored and just leave it for another time. That’s been happening for the past 4 months. So I’ve done my best for right now, and I recognize that I might never be fully content with how it looks, but the looks aren’t the most important thing. I know that the most important thing is just that I keep writing and posting, no matter what the actual page looks like. It’s kind of like when you’re getting ready for a trip, and you keep feeling like you’re forgetting something, even though you’re pretty sure you have everything. You keep pacing around the house, searching for things and reorganizing in anticipation of leaving to catch your flight. You never truly feel ready, but you know you have to go and if you’ve forgotten something important, you can buy a new one, or survive without it. So basically, I’m leaving for the plane and trusting that all is well.


My purpose. Although I have many reasons why I am committed to sharing the many thoughts bouncing around my head, I’m still unraveling the reasons why I write to find the big one. Some blogs are totally random, some are humorous and others are serious. I’d like to become slightly more strategic with my writing to develop a theme and a niche for myself.


Here is a jumble of my reasons:

- To share my experiences of traveling and living a cheap and different lifestyle than most

- To share the connections I make and the lessons I learn as I try new things

- To give advice that will help make people’s journeys less stressful (or help to understand the benefits of the stress) and more enjoyable

- To give general lifestyle health advice and tips

- To help heal people and encourage them to live the life they crave

- To offer a window into my perspective of the world and my beliefs in hopes of some connection or healthy shift

- To increase the global awareness of our impact in the world, not only on the environment and nature but also in each other’s lives and in our own lives.

- To demonstrate the power of growth from being uncomfortable, vulnerable and scared


One of my inspirations is Janne Robinson. She wrote a book called “This is for the Women who don’t give a Fuck”. She writes the words that are hard to read because they bleed with so much truth. She writes the things people close their eyes to. She writes the things that we bury deep inside; the stuff that we can’t bare to bring out on our own. But when you read her words, it awakens everything from the depth and lets it rise and yell in relief of finally being free. It’s not the reaction everyone has though - I’ve seen her get a lot of hate from the online bullies for voicing her truths and beliefs that clash with so many others. For a long time I’ve felt like I couldn’t deal with that kind of kickback. I definitely don’t have the same messages or delivery as her, but her writing helps me be okay with my own.


I’ve decided to say screw it. I made this website as a canvas to share my experiences, lessons, revelations, challenges, successes and growth. I didn’t start this blog to keep my voice quiet and write fluffy, easy-to-read BS. This is my way of sharing my soul to the online world, and I hope it draws close those who are ready and in a similar mindset. If not, I can’t control that, so it is what it is.

Cheers if you enjoy my words and cheers if you don’t. This is my blog :)

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