Farewell Canada

This transition has been a whirlwind of mixed emotions.


It’s freedom.


I’ve always wanted to do this. My whole life I’ve dreamed of traveling the world. Of meeting new people, diving into new cultures, learning new languages, trying new things, summiting new mountains, dipping my feet into new oceans. I’ve dreamed of soaking in as much of the world as I possibly can and helping, teaching and learning from all the souls whose paths cross mine along the way. I’m on that journey now.


It’s scary.


Preparing to leave my home and my country is a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes it feels like I’m shitting my pants, slapping myself and asking ‘what the hell am I doing’. Luckily nowadays, we are so connected with our phones and internet that it doesn’t have to be as scary as solo travel once was. I’m very grateful for technology. It’s scary to leave a job that I’ve come to love and feel so secure in, it’s scary to leave my family and friends for an undetermined amount of time, it’s scary to think that my oldest family’s dog, dear Spruce, will probably be in doggie heaven before I return to Canada. It’s been scary and frustrating dealing with insurance companies, banking, cell phone plans, working visas, vaccinations, medical coverage, and much more while preparing to go. There was a lot more to it than I thought and thank god my parents have steady and patient hands to help me through that.


It’s exciting.


Stepping into this new chapter of my life is SO EXCITING. Finally on my own, in the world, exploring and doing anything I want. I’m filled with a sense of lightness and peace as I feel confident that this is my path. Even though I’ve begun this trip, I’m still dreaming of all the mountains my feet and tires have yet to touch, all the hugs and laughs I’ll share, the tastes and smells of new cities, the heartbreak, and tears that will fall, and the transformation into a new perspective.


It’s terrifying.


My heartstrings are pulled in different directions. Some are pulled towards home and some are pulled to this amazing planet we live on. Solo traveling is scary, especially when I don’t speak Spanish very well. Finding the right gate in the Bogata airport was probably the most stress I’ve experienced on my way here. But everything works out, everything is okay. Breathing helps.


It’s growth.


Growth has been a big part of the last two years for me. I’ve grown into the person I feel that I am. I’ve made choices that are best for me, I’ve pushed myself into uncomfortable situations because I know that’s where growth comes from. I have and will continue to grow and blossom as a simple human on this planet and I will share with anyone willing to come on this journey with me, as they are also on theirs.


Even though I was off work for my last month in Canada, I was still a total stress-ball and scrambling until I left. It was extremely hard to say farewell to so many very special people in my life. Just know that you are all in my heart, and the love and support you’ve given will continue to carry me through this life. I love you all with every piece of my soul.

It amazes me how fast time goes. With each year it seems to speed up. One very special person in my life, Auntie Pat who lives in Hope, BC, has explained to me how this happens. She is 90 years old, an expert at camping, travel, teaching, cribbage and german shepherds. I love every second I get to spend with her. She told me that when you are 5 years old, one year is one-fifth of your life, so you don’t have a lot to gauge it by. When you are 80, one year is one-eightieth of your life, quite a small fraction and almost insignificant. No wonder it goes by so fast. Just proves the fact that you have to make every second count, every hour, every day, every year has to be lived to the fullest that you can.

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